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Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions and Weight

weight: 52.5 grams (enclosed)

weight: 26.5 grams (bare module)

Depth Processing
Depth Processing On-device using NU3000 ASIC
Depth Min/Max Z Distance
Depth Min/Max
Z Distance
0.3-5m. Up to 10m (Depending on scene & lighting conditions.)
Depth Precision
Depth Precision ± 0.29% (Plane-fit RMS at 1m.)
Depth Resolution & Frame Rate
Depth Resolution
& Frame Rate

1280 x 960 @ 54 fps

qq红包扫雷的技巧1280 x 800 @ 60 fps (vertical crop)

Depth FOV (H x V x D)
Depth FOV (H x V x D) 59° x 46° x 70°
Visible Resolution & Frame Rate
Visible Resolution
& Frame Rate

qq红包扫雷的技巧640 x 480 @ 100 fps

Both ultra-wide vision camera and color camera

Visible FOV
Visible FOV (Diagonal)

qq红包扫雷的技巧160° ultra-wide vision monochrome camera


85° color camera


qq红包扫雷的技巧bosch bmi055

qq红包扫雷的技巧6-axis (gyro and accelerometer), up to 1000 hz

qq红包扫雷的技巧up to 2000hz if streaming only gyro or accelerometer

Projector Laser projector module (infrared, Class 1 rating for eye safety)
Use Environment
Use Environment Indoor / Outdoor 1
Power 2.0W (typical active), 3.1W (typical maximum)
Connectivity USB 3 (Type-C), USB 2.0 operation supported
Operating Temperature (Ambient) 2
Operating Temperature
(Ambient) 2
0° to 35° C (32° to 95° F) (ambient, open air) 2
Hardware Architecture
Hardware Architecture

1qq红包扫雷的技巧 For outdoor use, integrators must protect Structure Core against dust and water ingress.

2qq红包扫雷的技巧 Higher operating temperatures may be achievable, but have not been tested yet outside the stated range.

Specs | Data(Monochrome) | Data(RGB)

Structure Core - Indoor 1 (Wall / Shallow depth 65cm)

(structure core is capable of depth measurement even in flat surfaces without texture.)

Structure Core - Indoor 2 (Plant at 1m)

Structure Core - Indoor 3 (Plant at 45cm)

Structure Core - Outdoor 1

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